Thursday, January 18, 2018


It is hard to forget about the past. We all know something we have done or continuously do that we constantly regret. We always hear that God forgives and that we should never worry about it. It really is not that easy. This video gives a brief reminder of how Jesus loves us and forgives for everything. The passage that acted as the theme throughout the video is this: "He who has been forgiven much loves much, but also He who loves much forgives much." This video is great for anyone who dealing with hard times in trying to ask God forgiveness. Sometimes we feel that we may not be worthy enough for God's forgiveness. In reality, God forgives everyone from the liars to the murderers. We all can trust this passage and though it may be hard, find forgiveness in Jesus. He forgave everyone and loves us so that we can forgive and love others as well.

Run the Race to Finish

This article begins with a long distance runner informing us on the tasks and sacrifices needed to be successful at long distance running. She gave up unhealthy foods and got good rest. She worked hard to maintain her strength. In the same way, we must work hard to keep out faith and strengthen it. We must stay in God's Word and pray that we do His will. The runner also tells us about how sometimes she became selfish in her prayer to God. We too can be selfish in prayer when we should pray that we follow the will of God.

God and Evil

Why does God allow evil? This question is often asked by many unbelievers and believers alike. People want to understand why a God who is supposedly so all-loving and all-caring would allow the presence of sin and evil. This is the wrong way of looking at things. the question should not be "why", but "why not." Why does God not allow every bad thing possible to happen? Evil is not an actual thing, it is an absence of good. There is evil because human beings lack natural good. It is not God's fault that evil exists; rather, it is the fault of sinful human beings lacking proper good. We are inherently sinful and deserve nothing but God's ultimate wrath. The fact the he does not throw his full power and wrath down on us proves just how great his love is. People look at evil the wrong way. Look at it not as God allowing evil; rather, consider all of the evil from which God protects us.
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Tim Tebow gives people with disabilities a night to shine. They get a night to dress up and go out and dance. It is a fun night for young teenagers to go to another prom. This is inspiring because he set up an activity for people who may not always feel included and participate in events like prom. This gives opportunities for teenagers to show God's love to others and make them feel welcomed. I hope that I can help out and go and show God’s love to those who may not know about him. This is one great example of a way to show God’s love to others in a fun way.

Songs involving the concept of love

Love songs; Man! Is there any type of good music where the concept of love is explained in a way that does not lower the intelligence of other people? Here is today’s modern pop culture, we get music that explains that love is nothing more than a game. Whether it’s Kesha’s “Dirty Love” or “Sometimes” by Britney Spears or even Rihanna “Hate that I Love You” song, even Chainsmokers "Closer". You know what all of those songs have in common? All of them talk about a person “wanting” a girl, “wanting” affection, “wanting” LOVE. 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 says this about the concept of love “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” “Does not boast” and “Is not self-seeking” are the key parts into understanding love that most songs, written by the worst composers and sometimes the best composers/singers, often fail at. If there was any song that I thought to be the closest to understanding what love is, it would be Al Yankovic’s song “If that isn’t Love.” I listened to this song enough to compare its lyrics to the lyrics of the songs I have mentioned above. Despite some of the lines to the lyrics being awkward, it was the only song, I could find, that has the best understanding on the concept of love.

God's Promises

     Recently I had to write a devotion about God's promises for my Spanish class.  I was trying to think of the types of things that God promises us in the Bible, and I realized I really did not know what they all were.  I came across this website and a few others as well that really opened my eyes to all the amazing things that God has promised to us. 
     Most of us know that God promises us eternal life if we believe in him and that he promised to send Jesus to save us from our sins, but God also promises many other things to us as well that we don't necessarily think of as things he has promised.  One of the things that God has promised us is that he will care for us and bless our jobs and property.  He never says he will make us rich, but he does say that we will never have to worry about our needs being met.  He also promises us wisdom and guidance, and blessings on our family and personal relationships. 
     God says he will never to break his promises and so far he has kept his word so we simply have to trust that God will always care for us and do what he has promised us. 

Who's Right: God or Satan?

In a debate between if God or Satan was right during the fall into sin; people say that Satan was right because people would never die. They would live eternally in hell with him. God says that people will die. So who is right? Technically they are both right, but God was doubly right. God says that we will die and if we are a sinner we will die physically and die spiritually when we go to hell. Satan says we will not die which is true if we are in heaven or hell because we will live eternally whether we believe in God or not.