Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What does the Bible have to say about abortion.

The bible doesn’t speak or talk about abortion specifically, obviously, because having an abortion was unheard of in the biblical era. The bible does say this. “Thou shalt not murder”, meaning it will be a sin for anyone to take another human beings life, but where do we start defining another as a human? Is a baby not a human or is a small child not have human rights or does it come with maturity? When does the bible define an organism as a human? Well it says right in the bible “Surely I was sinful from birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me” The bible specifically recognizes a fertilized egg as a human being. Right there in Psalm 51:5.

How Does Bullying Relate to My Faith?

Madeline Mielke
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How Does Bullying Relate to My Faith?

The article I am writing my blog on is about bullying, lately this has been hitting very close to home. I feel like unbelievers look at Christians as blameless and holy. Well, obviously this is not the case, and for a Christian it can be hard not to cross the line of self defense onto the other side of fighting back.
We often don’t understand why people are cruel to us. How could it be that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, but everyday, there are millions of bullying cases that go unheard? How can people be so cruel when they represent a God of love? We often fail to remember that we are all sinful people, and we deal with sin every day. You never know what that person could be dealing with, and they just don’t know how to handle it so they take their anger and hurt out on you.
What can we do? The bible tells us to not back down, we need to use our voices to stand up for others and ourselves. We need to be the ones to encourage those who are hurting, the weak who think they cannot go on any longer. We need to show the example of love and courage that Christ has set for us.  
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2016 Choral Fest

WELS Choral fest is one of the best experiences a Christian high school student can have. Besides the amount of singing and beautiful music that fills the gymnasiums, students get to meet new and even lifelong friends. The fellowship spoken about in the bible is the same as that from Choral Fest. The people one person can meet is unbelievable. On top of that, it is a great message to those who listen at concerts. The words that are sung in each song are different, but all convey the same beautiful message: God's love is everywhere for us, but Christ died and gave us that love.

Is the Bible true?

The question "Is the Bible True?" has been debated for quite a long time. Many people who are adamant about the Bible not being true are the ones who do not want it to be. In many ways they are making themselves blind to the fact that this book is in fact true. The Bible documents real historical people that people know are true, such as Augustus Caesar, Quirinius, and Tiberius Caesar. Sure, these could just be the fact that the people who wrote the Bible could put it in there so people think it is true, but historical events can be lined up with Bible and events that are in it.

Are the Odds in God's Favor?

In this video, a pastor talks about why the creation of the world by God makes more sense than evolution. There are too many variables for evolution and all the variables had to be exact. Some scientists have considered the probability of all of these factors being exactly how they are and know that it is impossible. While some people would rather believe in the impossible, the man in the video says that it is easier to believe a God created everything. The Bible tells us in Genesis how the world was created. I think it is easier to believe the Bible rather than believe the small chance science has. Throughout life, we will encounter many people who believe in evolution. It is important to remember what God says rather than men.


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While Jesus was here on earth he was able to convert and baptize many people. Some of his methods of conversion didn’t only include preaching, teaching, and telling parables, but also performing miracles. His miracles ranged from feeding thousands of people with only small amounts of bread and fish to changing water into wine. He also went about healing many people's physical imperfections, but also their spiritual imperfections as well. He was able to cure blindness, make cripples walk again, and drive demons out of those who were possessed. If Jesus was capable of doing such great things to our physical wellness then he is more than capable of curing our spiritual ailments with his death on the cross.


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Thanksgiving comes around once every year which is truly a shame. Why should giving thanks to God for what he has bestowed unto us be celebrated one day a year. We as Christians should thank the Lord daily for giving us everything we need to survive and live for him. We should not limit our thanks only to one day because we get up every morning and can live a life devoted to God. We should thank God for the people that he has brought into our lives to help us along the narrow path. We should thank him for our family, our jobs, our homes, and our talents. So in all that you do be thankful everyday for the blessings that God has given you and use them to serve him.