Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stem Cells

The use of stem cells is become more prevalent in today's world. Simply because they are able to turn into any of the 220 different types of cells in the human body. This has been huge in the medical field. They are now able to produce body parts for people that have lost them. there are many different types of stem cells. The most used are embryonic stem cells, which are taken from the blastocyst stage in a pregnancy. In harvesting these stem cells most of the time it ends up killing the blastocyst. Instead of harvesting these embryonic stem cells and killing an unborn baby, doctors should look for another option that in turn does not end another humans life.
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

All You Need

The scripture that the Holy Spirit wrote is all God breathed. This means that the word of God is exactly 100 percent his words in which he used the Holy Spirit to be his messenger to the writers of the Bible. God did this so that you can find Him, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit easily without having to go out and search for him. He is right there for you whenever we need him and is in every single word that you read. The Lord’s love and all that he produces is in the scriptures that were written down verbatim by the writers. So we do not have to look at other things or in other places to find God. We just need to look towards his word and there his is with us.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Christians and Movies

The Academy Awards were recently on and the movie Moonlight won best picture. This movie portrays a boy (Chiron) growing up in the hood of Miami with a crack addict mother and no father. This movie could have won the award for Best Picture based on political correctness; although, based on some it was a great film. As a Christian I watch this film and was a little uncomfortable at two scenes. Chiron and his friend Kevin are gay and there is a scene with them on the beach when they are teens and it is clear that things are going on between them. Later in the movie there is another scene when they are adults. Chiron, now going by the name Black, meets Kevin at Kevin's work. Chiron tells Kevin that he has not touched anyone like that since what happened on the beach. The movie then end with Chiron resting on Kevin though no kissing between them happened. When Christians watch this movie I think it is important to realize that it is just that a movie and it is trying to tell a story. We have to know that some things in the movie are immoral and to be on guard out that we do not fall into those sins or into the idea of thinking that sin is not a big deal. God says in 1 Peter 5:8 "Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Best Bible

I have often seen people argue about which version  of the bible is the best. The truth is that every suggestion that I have heard is wrong. The best version is the original, written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Most people cannot read these languages, so they go to translated versions. The problem is that no two languages can be translated perfectly back and forth. I know that if you are reading this, you have an internet connection. There are several websites dedicated to displaying the bible, and most of them have the option to view more than one translation at a time. If you really want to know the exact message, compare, and contrast what the versions say, any you should have a nice picture of the message. There is no clear winner, but most versions are an acceptable way to say the same thing.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


One of biggest issues we, as Christians, face is the idolizing earthly items and people and putting them before God. We do it all the time and none of us are willing to admit it. We obsess over the latest celebrities. We each spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary technology. We may not carry around clay god figures in our robes like the people of the old testament, but I have a two hundred dollar Samsung in my pocket right now as you read this, and I probably treat it almost the same way. The only way we as a people are able to rid ourselves of these non-God items and fully submit to His will.

Are We Saved By Works?

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Augustine said, "We are not saved by faith plus works, but by faith that works." As James says in his epistle, "Faith without works is dead.

Yes we are saved by works, but the works have already been done for us. Jesus died for us on the cross and  that was all that needed to be done.

Islam vs Christianity

When we take a look at our fellow monotheist Muslims, we see many similarities and differences. Like Christians, Muslims have a strong sense of community and religious duty. Many follow the religious ethics set down in their holy book the Quran. This book is the "holy" revelations set down by command of their prophet Muhammad. What makes this book so much different than the bible? 

While the bible has many authors and many different viewpoints spaced out over the course of hundreds of years the Quran contains the revelations of one man. A man who, after being exposed to Christian and Jewish doctrine, seems to have torn his "new" moral code directly from the pages of the Torah. He did introduce one very new rule that he claimed was the most important. There is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet. 

Jesus fulfilled many prophecies of the old testament written down hundreds of years beforehand. Prophet Muhammad only seems to have fulfilled Jesus's prophecy of future teachers leading the people astray 

 "And Jesus answered and said to them, Take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. " 

 Matthew 24:4

Throughout his early ministry Muhammad seemed very humble, kind, and forgiving. Many of the prophet's early followers were Jews who believed him to be the true messiah. He saw the corruption of the idol salesmen of Mecca who took advantage of the people's religion to make money by selling idols. These wealthy merchants hated him and wanted him gone. It is in these early stages Muhammad could possibly be recognized as a humble teacher of this new Abrahamic God, laying down many of the same commands and telling the same stories from the Torah. 

Muhammad went through a drastic change after he became the totalitarian head of his band of wandering followers. As his movement grew bigger and bigger, and as he amassed more power, he started acting more like a warlord than a teacher. Spouting out new revelations at random about the division of captured loot (a lot of it went to him), the division of slaves taken from raids (again a majority went to his own household), and this cult of personality he built around himself by insisting that there is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet. While Elijah gave himself over to God, Elisha put the credit in God's hands for all he had done, and Gilead took no credit for his victories, Muhammad continued to act as if he himself was a gift from God and deserved to be worshiped and adored. 

This humble teacher, at first so similar to a humble Jesus, slowly grew drunk off of his own power and turned into a Saul like ruler of his newly created kingdom. His teachings that were once spread by word of mouth and acceptance in the heart ended up being spread through conquest and indoctrination. At this same time Christianity was going through something similar. Muhammad's fall into the physical things of this world is mirrored by Christianity's own selfish fall into the grand overtures of Catholicism and Papal power during the middle ages. It is no wonder that these two Egocentric centers of Religious fanaticism clashed during multiple holy wars.

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