Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Recent article on CBN News states that LGBT groups are now trying to "force" Christians to make t-shirts that we support gay rights. This group of Christians then went to Kentucky federal court where they discussed this and decided that the Christians have every right to decline anyone who believes something that conflicts with their religion. After later deliberation, the Human Rights Commission of Lexington said that they would either have to print for LGBT group or they would be charged with discrimination. Later the same group asked the same Christian to print for them and they still refused but still referred them to a business that would willingly do it for them. LGBT then later still complained even after receiving their shirts free from the other business; this causing problems. When later interviewed, he said that he is willing to help anyone, but is not willing to compromise his faith. The court later said that Adamson had not refused business "because the individual in question had a specific sexual orientation or gender identity." Later it was found that Adamson regularly does buisness with and also employs people who identify as LGBT,


While reading CBN News it talks about the long-term negative affects of viewing pornography. According to tv comedian Chris Rock, he mentions about how his marriage of 16 years came to an abrupt ending. When later being interview about why his marriage ended he mentioned that it ended due to his porn addiction. He realized that during the last few months of his marriage that he no longer saw his wife as a person, but an object providing for his sexual needs. He said that it was not fair to his wife because he no longer wanted to be married to her, but just saw her as the women he had seen it the pornographic movies. Pornography is ruining marriages, and will continue to do so until someone puts a stop to it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

God's Plans Might Be Different

Sometimes looking at the world can feel intimidating. We see the billions of people and wonder “where do I fit in?” As we seniors head off to college and pursue our future careers, the road can be long and can begin to wonder if what we’ve chosen is what we’re meant to be doing. Sometimes the opposite is true. We have our hearts set on one thing and God says “I have another plan for you.” When I think of a dramatic change in plans, I think of two people in particular: Paul and Esther. Paul’s story is used more often, so let’s think about Esther for a moment. She was young, living a somewhat normal life when she was suddenly rounded up, entered into a beauty contest, and ended up being queen. If I were in that situation I would be completely confused and terrified. Obviously, this video is from the Veggietales version of the biblical account, but I’m sure Esther would have started  to question God at this point. As most of us probably remember, the confusion and sudden turn of events in Esther’s life led to the salvation of her people. While our purpose and path to get there may not be as extreme as Esther’s, the point still stands: God has a plan and a purpose for us. He can get us through anything. Instead of worrying about what we should do with our lives we should pray for guidance and when God shows us a different path, we should humble ourselves and follow Jesus’ example. “Yet not my will, but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42)

Free Will Offerings

Have you ever worried about money and if you would have enough to pay all of your bills? Are there times when you forget to give to the lord a offering to thank him for everything he does for you. In this article I read it talks about how you should always give to the lord and you will be blessed. Now when they say we will be blessed that doesn't mean that our life will get better the more you give. When we are giving our offerings to the lord we need to make sure we are giving them for the right reasons to praise and glorify our savior who died on the cross and suffered and died for us so that we can have eternal life in heaven. We don't want to give to show other people how much we are giving or even just to get attention. We should want to give willingly to praise our lord because he gave us so much that we could never repay him on our own.


A Violent Christ? Kung fu Jesus?

In order to fit their pre-existing political ideas and ideologies, many people try to create Jesus into their own image of a violent one. They point to pictures of Jesus driving out the money changers, telling disciples to get swords, and even him saying that he came to bring the sword. However, these violent messages simply disappear once critical thinking skills and context is looked at and applied. Jesus tells us to unconditionally love our enemies and to refrain from violence against them. He does not win victories by shedding the blood of his enemies, rather he shed his own blood for them.


Kentucky to be First Abortion Free State

This is an important development for us who support pro-life. With Kentucky working on becoming an abortion free state others might follow which will save the lives of thousands of unborn children yet to hear the Word of God. Abortion in itself is a horrible and cruel practice that shouldn't have been made legal in the first place, but at least most of Kentucky has some sense of morality that will go on to save thousands of lives from people who don't want to deal with raising a child.


Facing Change


   Change, it can be a scary thing to some people. Some may welcome change, but many avoid change like a plague. But why does change scare us? I think it is not necessarily the change that scares us, but instead the unknown factor of change. People like to be able to know exactly what is happening next so they can prepare for it. But we can never know for certain what is going to come next and, consequently, we cannot prepare for it and that scares us. We can get so comfortable in our every day normal lives that when something unexpected comes down the pipe we freak out and do everything we can to avoid it. This is especially relatible for us seniors who will undergo one of the biggest milestone changes in our lives in just a few short weeks. We are having to go from 4 years of a strict routine schedule that is unchanging, day and day out, into the completely unknown and unpredictable future that is our adult lives. Sure some of us may have plans on where we will go and what we will do, but can any of us really be certain how these plans will work out? Of course we can't, and this fact alone is enough to make us anxious, and rightfully so! In these scary and unknown times ahead, we need to remember that change is merely God moving us along on the path he has laid out for us. While we can't predict exactly what will happen 3 years down the road, or even tomorrow, we need to remember that God can. Not only can God predict exactly what will happen every second of our lives, but he already knew exactly what would happen before he even made us. So while we may be spinning uncontrollably through life with no idea what is around the next corner, we can rest assured that God is in control and he knows the plans he has for us. This thought alone should be enough to ease all of our fears of this uncertain future and make us, instead, be excited for what lies ahead in this next huge chapter of our lives. So get excited seniors! You can finally, as you have wanted to do all these years, make your own decisions and choose your own path in life(with God's guidance) and you don't have to be afraid to do it. God's blessings on the rest of your lives, and I hope to see you all somewhere down this long and bending road called life. And finally, LONG LIVE THE CLASS OF 2017!!!!!!!!!!!