Thursday, September 15, 2016


“If God really loves me, he wouldn’t make me suffer.” First of all, God doesn’t make you suffer. Because of sin, suffering happens in the world, and God allows it. Some people also think that we will get punished for sinning, but that is also not true. Sometimes when we suffer, it is not a direct result of our sins, just sin in general. An example of this would be Jesus dying on the cross. He did nothing to deserve it, but he had to because of sin in general.
One of the passages that gives me a lot of comfort is John 13:7. “Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.’” For me, this means that when I’m going through tough times, God knows what he is doing, and he is doing it for the best. I have seen this passage come up over and over in my life. Every time, after the tough times have passed, I do understand why it happened to me. It’s crazy for me to think how things in the bible still apply to everyday life thousands of years after it was written.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What is Love?

This video is trying to explain to us what love actually is. We use the word on a daily basis, but most of us have no true idea what the word actually means. But this video gives a good explanation of what love truly is. It tells us that God is love and loves each and everyone of us. He loved us so much that he did the hardest thing possible to save us. He sent His Son that we could know his love. My thoughts on this would that this video is very accurate in what it is trying to get across. Many of us don't know what the true meaning of love is and don't understand what love should or shouldn't be.

Never Be Ashamed of God

We should never be ashamed of who and what we believe in. The Bible says repeatedly in 2 Timothy in verse 6 through 18, it says "Not to be ashamed of Christ" and so many others. The author of this article says when you read through the verses to not rush over them, but to read slowly, because every word is important. Many prophets throughout the Bible were either persecuted or killed for what they preached and believed. But they all have this in common, they were never ashamed of any of it. Also, they trusted that God would deliver them from their enemies, so they will be safe. We should take this into consideration so that we can follow in their footsteps. We all need Jesus in our lives no matter what. He can help us through everything that is put in our lives. 

Image result for This is a time when I’ve been ashamed of Jesus or afraid to stand up for him.

Christian Views on Stem Cell Research

This article talks about stem cell research and how it is related to God's word. The article first lightly addresses the issue of how the stem cells are obtained. It then goes to describe how stem cell research works. It is the process of creating a human embryo and taking the stem cells from the embryo. This then kills the embryo. Not only do stem cells multiply extremely fast, but have the unique ability that they do not have a predetermined function. This means that they can turn into any kind of cell that the body requires. The author of the article explains that taking stem cells from embryos is wrong in the eyes of God because it it destroying an embryo that could one day become a human. There is another method that may not harm the embryo, but they are not one hundred percent sure if it does not harm the embryo. Overall, I liked the article because it had a lot of information about stem cell research.

Stem cell research is a very controversial topic, and not only for Christians. The debate comes up when talking about taking stem cells from embryos. The view of most of the public is that embryos are not considered to be actual human beings, and that is where the opinions differ between Christians and non-Christians. We see the embryos as human beings that could have a future, so in this case I would say that as a Christian you should be against tat particular practice of stem cell research. The reason I said that particular reason is because there are two other ways to obtain stem cells. One would be from bone marrow in adults, which I do not see a problem with. The person that donates them fully heals and they make the decision themselves. The other method is a new one that scientists say will not harm the embryo. The only problem with this is there is not enough evidence to be sure that it does not harm to the embryo. So, in this case I would say that until more research comes out about this method, as a Christian, I cannot support this method either. In conclusion, stem cell research is not entirely bad. It can save people's lives, but it all depends on where the stem cells are coming from.

How To Deal With Slander.

In our day and age videos just like this one seem to dominate the Internet and the media. Videos, articles, blogs and the like are spread throughout the world with one common goal. To deter people away from Christianity. These people will throw their big words, arguments and disrespect onto the name of God because somehow they feel offended by his existence. Which is true, they should feel offended, and as a matter of fact, if they don't feel offended, maybe we aren't doing a good job. God's word is offensive because it tells us that we are sinful and that there is no way to get to heaven. So what are we to do about this and these kinds of people? Well, contrary to what this guy says, we should try even harder to reach out to people. Matthew 5:43-48 tells us in the Beatitudes that we are to show love towards our enemies and reach out to those who have fallen away. So why is it that Christianity is such a hot topic on the Internet and is more or less the only real religion that atheists and agnostics take a crack at? The answer is simple. They want to believe that they live in a bubble and that nothing can touch them. The funny thing is that more often than not it is viewed as the opposite. We as Christians are viewed as people living in a bubble and don't recognize reality. They want to believe that there is no God, therefore there is no consequences to life itself. They justify their actions by looking at bits and pieces of the Bible and saying "Here is my proof, if you don't think it makes sense then you're wrong." Sound familiar? It should. Jesus was tempted in the same way in the desert by Satan. When your faith starts to falter and you give into the logic of this world remember that God defies logic and reason. To understand God is the folly of humans. God loves you and has promised to take care of you. Don't let sinful humans stand between you and God. Pray that you may overcome and win the victory.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What do we have to do to get God's forgiveness?

Have you ever wondered if something bad is happening in your life because God put it there? He is mad that you committed sin x and sin y over and over and over again. You think to yourself, "Oh, there is no way he can forgive me." Truth is, that he can. I started to think that God couldn't erase my biggest sins. He would always remember them. But then I know that the gift of forgiveness is 100% free. Jesus died on a cross to forgive us of every one of our sins, past, present, and the future ones. We sin all the time, thousands of times a day, but Jesus took away all of those sins. It's like when we sin, we spill on our brand new white shirt. Each sin is like dumping paint onto that shirt, making it all dirty and gross. But when Jesus took away our sins, he gave us a new shirt.

Praising God

Many athletes lack the confidence to praise God for their accomplishments, when given the opportunity. The bible says in Matthew 10:33 "If you deny me in front of your friends I'll deny you in front of my father." Why then are we so hesitant to spread the word? In that bible verse it is literally saying, sports are nothing compared to an eternity in heaven. These athletes realize this. They understand the importance of Christ and the impact he has on our lives. Whether it is winning or losing that tough game. He has our lives in his hand. We have nothing to do with the outcome. God can make us have an outstanding game if he really wants. That’s why this video is so inspirational. It shows athletes, that there is no need to be afraid to give the credit to God for their accomplishments. These are professional athletes giving credit on T.V. Why than do we find it embarrassing to tell our friends that God was the real reason we had a good game? Well, you don’t have to be embarrassed about being the only person anymore. You’re not the only one proclaiming the truth there are others out there too.