Monday, January 16, 2017

The Value of Life: Is the Value of Human Life in Danger? ---Warning! Some May Find The Following Link Outrageous---

--- Warning! The Link Above Leads to a News Article that Might Scare some People!----

       Tying with today being MLK Jr. Day, appropriately we are talking about a story that some people might find insulting, and that this agreement devaules human life. When I first heard about this story I was outraged, and a bit scared. These people in the European Union are literally changing the definition of what a human being is. Technology is changing fast, and as alarming as it may sound in fifteen to ten years, these robots will go on the market and in places like the EU and many other countries that agree with the EU, the machines will have rights. Which means that people can be arrested for violating these machine's rights, which is scary, because the world we live in has become so politically correct that man made machines, with no souls, are viewed as more valuable as human beings, that's a bit scary.
      On the positive side, this means that we are possibly entering a new era in world history, eventually this era of political correctness can go so far, and eventually people will get sick of it.
      Another thing that is positive that will come out of this, although these recent advances in technology can be great and these robots can benefit society, like with all things there can be a way to abuse them. Hackers can find a way to manipulate these machines to do their evil bidding. The EU might be right on one thing, people who hack these robots are watching and listening to their owners and everything that they do. That's really creepy, so hopefully this will help stop that from happening to some extent.
       In the meantime, what we can do now is pray and watch out for these really bad ideas. Remember that all human life is worth fighting for, and that everything that does happen, good or bad is all apart of God's plan. In the end it is the forces of good that wins, Jesus has already won, Amen.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What is trust? result for donald trump
Trust.  What is trust?  Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.  Americans, and Christians in particular, are finding it increasingly harder to trust our leaders in this world.  As the days count down until Donald Trump’s inauguration, Americans are starting to question whether or not they made a good decision when it came to electing Trump as president.  This article that I read describes the inauguration day in step by step detail.  It describes how president Obama is planning on walking Trump in and watching him get sworn in, and then leave on Marine One with his family.  The article also mentioned the guest list. Trump did not want the normal A listers to attend the ceremony, but he wanted to keep the place serene and be surrounded by “a poetic cadence”.  Recently, the fact that Trump was or was not going to have a famous singer at his inauguration was a hot topic.  There was seemingly no one who wanted to stand up and volunteer to do it.  In this article, it is stated that Jackie Evancho will be singing the National Anthem for the inauguration.  When I think about the inauguration, I think about trust.  Trump is not the “typical” type of president, and that really tests my faith when it comes to trusting that God is doing the best thing for his people.  Jeremiah 17:7 says, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him”.  If we trust in God and have confidence in him, we are promised in this verse that God will bless us.  We might not always see those blessings right away, but they will appear.  As our country’s leader changes over, we need to trust God and know that he will always be there for us, and that he will bless us.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

 This man in the U.S. Army does an amazing job at showing us a real life scenario of how we should always be prepared for the end to come, because we never know when it will happen. Many of us Christians put ourselves out there on social media and say we are the best, we are so holy, when when really the rest of the week we are disobeying God's commands for us. We need some spiritual ammunition, because without it we are nothing. We cannot do anything, we cannot fight back, we cannot stand up for ourselves because we are nothing without the ammunition of him and his word. We should always be ready and grow in our faith, because the devil wants to take us away from him but we should be prepared for the time is getting closer for us to go to heaven to be with him.

2016 has come to and end and a new year has begun, most of us have made our 2017 new years revolutions but we all know that most of them will not stay true. We need to be reminded of the fact that we can do anything with God at our side, and when we ask him to help us through these things we are unstoppable. We should not let others say no to us having our faith, because when God says yes no one can say no! We should not wait around hoping for something to happen, but rather go out and persevere in our faith! Let's all make 2017 a great new year by strengthening our faith, helpers others learn about this faith that we have, and we can do this because when God says yes no one can say no.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Human Anatomy

I am in a class at Lakeside called Human Anatomy, and it is just what you think it is. The class is the study of the human body. As this class started I thought nothing different of it. This is how things are in the body. Then one thing came out to me. Our teacher had us dissect a heart after learning about it and it system. In class I thought nothing of it. Then when we opened it, I saw to me that it was just fantastic. All the valves and chambers. The way that the chambers were linked in beat. The way the valves would open as if strings pulled them open. I just hit me, I could not believe it. The thing is, is that some people think that this was evolved and was created from nothing. Really?! I know see that this world is so complex. Just by looking at the one part of our body you can see God. You see our creator. How high of a power he is.
For more information try looking at this web site above that will prove my point even more.

P.S. The pic above is from class after we were done cutting it open. (Those are my hands.)

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Entitlement of Our Generation

     These days kids are spoiled rotten. They grow up getting everything they want in a world of instant gratification. You want to watch a movie? Just flip on the T.V. and hit Netflix. Want some food? Just drive over to McDonald's and order whatever you want and get it in about 30 seconds.  Kids in this day and age are also spoiled in a different way. They live in a delusional world where they believe that everyone is a winner and hard work is not required to get what you want. They think that since they haven't ever had to work for anything they wanted in their life that somehow the world owes them something. You didn't win the race in track? No problem have a participation trophy!  You don't have any money? Don't worry, just steal it!   Because of how these kids were brought up, they are doomed from the beginning. They feel like they can just sit around with no job and get whatever they want because the world owes them that. These kids think that rules don't apply to them and all they have to do is run from the police or pull the race card to get out of things. They think they are above the law, for example when they court system doesn't decide in their favor they feel that they can riot, loot, steal, assault, and kill without punishment because they are angry. They need a safe place. I wish we could go back to the good days when kids worked for what they had and didn't complain. Where kids were educated enough to understand they if they want something they have to get it themselves, no one is gonna hand it to you. Where kids were respectful, independent, and totally self sufficient. In order to get back there it starts with the parents. They have to start their kids out from the beginning by being tough and responsible. Setting a good example  by how they live and how they act and showing their kids the right way to do things.

Government school funding

In Government we have been going over this topic, should they be allowed to fund private religious schools or would that be the government endorsing a religion. The government is allowed to fund private schools as long as it is not directly giving the school money. For instance the government can fund school lunches and school transportation. That is helping out the school but it isn't just giving them a huge check that they can do whatever they want with. The government also cant just decide to give one religious school something and then decide not to give it to another because that would be them favoring one religion over another. So in some ways the government does fund private schools, but in others not at all.